Lately, I found myself at odds with my personal agendas and the goals of my community more than usual. To begin making any sense I consider myself the anti-transwoman. I hate the acronym,I don’t want to walk down streets waving flags,painting rainbows or h8 on myself . I refuse to let my key feature be the fact I used to be male in any way possible.


( I do protest or make statements where and when I can. This blog being on of those places) 1466600679806.png


Honestly, If I wasn’t being tortured by the truth I’d keep it as quiet as possible and not even write this. I’d like my origins to be as big of a mystery as I can make it.I want my life to be as close to what a cis version of myself would be. Beyond people I might have sex with and the few people, I’m forced to tell like employers I typically say nothing .

I personally feel that being labeled as Lgbt threatens that.
To me personally, pairing the words at all reinforces this stereotype I’m just a man with girls clothes or any of my personal battles I had finding myself are similar to the ones some people might encounter dating. It’s not. It’s not at all. I grew breast god damn it! I have even more estrogen in my blood than testosterone.Do not belittle what my body had to endure by including with it with anything else but what it is.A privilege….




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