Highlights of the week so far.

So yesterday. I finally managed to find a new job after 3 months of looking. Which makes me really excited because now I can start saving up for my top surgery & SRS again.

Sometimes it really depresses me how many times I managed to mess things up before getting my plans together. It’s been one nasty episode after another since I got kicked out in 2008. But things are finally looking up. I’ve even been looking for a second job. While simultaneously trying my hardest to avoid suggestions of Web cam modeling even though I heard it’s a quick solution to a massive problem . The burden of exposing myself to the will of the internet just intimates me.Once they lay their eyes on something they usually never forget and will use it to hurt my character . (Especially in an environment no one else knows I’m Trans.)

I have no idea how I’m going to accomplish something so expensive in the next 3 years legally .While additionally finding a job safe enough in my area at night without a car. I really wish being trans didn’t lead me to so many situations that I’ve either been attacked or sexually assaulted. But I have to overcome my fear and pull my shit together.


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