Ways to circumvent the Anti trans bathroom laws.

Lately I’ve been pretty busy with work  and don’t have as much time to think about posting . But I was thinking about legal-loopholes to work you way around those laws in no particular order.


I know it seems harsh but until they actually have people sitting next to the door there is no way they’ll know. Unless of course your clockable. I know its easier said than done.But realistically they’d have no way of telling a trans person from a cis person. It’s impossible unless they physically try to find out.

Warning: if you haven’t mastered your voice,do not talk until your in a safer environment.

2: Changing your gender marker in another state.

I found out about this through research. Legally you can appeal in certain States like New York, Missouri,California,Pennsylvania,Massachusetts,Vermont,Washington,Oregon,Colorado,Illinois,Maine,Connecticut,Minnesota,Iowa,Hawaii and New Jersey before sexual reassignment surgery to change your gender marker.In order to do this you don’t even need to move. You just need to go to their local dmv and change your legal residence. I suggest asking a close friend or family member you know in these states to use their address you wish to change it to (this will make you a legal resident of there homes as well). Then appeal your gender identity in court. Typically judges will grant this because would take far more time and money to fight it. ****Do not tell them why your doing it** Just respond I would like my I.d. to match my gender identity or something to the same effect.

I know that is a pain in the ass.I know a lot of this is probably not legal.
But we need to do what we can to stay safe.

Also this same tactic can be used to get insurance in another state for Srs. If your state considers it a cosmetic procedure this may be the alternate route  your looking for.

I plan on posting more ways to circumvent these laws when I have time.

Please share this to people you know this is effecting.