Why I hate T being in LGBT

I think keeping the T on lbgt is hurting us by association.I understand having as many allies as possible is important. At times our struggles can be quite similar and quite a few transfolk are gay themselves.Yet, we as a group need to show we have several of our own perils not intertwining with homosexuality. That being trans isn’t just the hyper-feminine version of homosexuality most assume it is.

Not to mention many LGB are just as ignorant as their heterosexual counterpart.Which is sad because i’m literally forced share a culture with a group of people who don’t share my medical concerns, rejections, or even understand why those things might even be problems or care.

Please be aware these are just my opinions.



  1. notathoughtgiven · March 16, 2016

    Well that is very true many LGB are just as ignorant as their heterosexual counterpart. It would be nice to be part of a culture that does share the same concerns that we do.

    But on the flip side, being part of a culture that only shares the same concerns blinds us. We become ignorant of what people outside our culture are going through and miss the chance to show people that are not like us what we go through.

    So maybe the solution is to have our own culture and community where we can feel comfortable, but at the same time be part of wider community such as LGBT so we have diversity and understanding outside our community.

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    • Emptee · March 17, 2016

      I’m glad on some level we see eye to eye. But I must respectfully disagree.Having a wider community that doesn’t care for our concerns advocating on our behalf is pretty detrimental.It would be nice. But we have to establish our self far before we start asking others to establish a reputation for us.
      Diversity is wonderful. But just because we don’t share an acronym. That doesn’t mean we don’t have to be supportive of one another.It just means we have of separate set of issues that span beyond romance and ignorant associated stereotypes.That deserve a special type of attention, a different type of support, and a understanding that the public isn’t aware of.

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      • notathoughtgiven · March 17, 2016

        You raise an excellent point. Not that I agree totally but still a good point.

        Anyway to me its a moot point also. We all as individuals need to find our own community that addresses our own concerns and we feel that we can be part of and support. If that means as individuals we stay within the LGBT community or be part of a transgender community that is seperate from LGB or something else all together doesn’t matter. What matters is what is right for ourselves and allow other people to do the same even if we don’t agree.


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