Trans-life 1

I can’t tell if I’m wrong for having limited trust. I don’t know if never lifting my guard is bad.But what I do know is every time I’ve tried someone has hurt me.Someone close to me has unconsciously placed me in situations where my safety has been challenged. I’m paranoid and unhappy. But at least I’m safe and alive.
Trans-life is the very honest story of how I got to this point. How I went from a optimistic young woman to a drug abuser.Who is probably going to kill her self in a few years.I need an outlet desperately.So I chose blogging a series of post in attempt to relate to the outside world.My name is Emptee, and its nice to meet anyone who bothered to read.

Thank you.


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  1. notathoughtgiven · March 17, 2016

    Hello Emptee and nice to meet you also. My name is Michelle.

    From my perspective, you are not wrong for having limited trust. From my experience, lifting my guard has been something that has caused me a lot of pain also. That I learned, except for a few people, to keep that guard up to protect myself.

    People have to earn that trust over time to let that guard down slowly. We have to do what we need to do stay safe and alive. Hopefully one day you will find people that will that earn that trust from you. That you can let that guard down with them and be safe.

    It is good that you have this blog as your outlet. I look forward to reading what you share in it. It is nice to relate to someone who shares the same feelings I do.


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